Discover why you should focus on Sustainable Excellence


Perhaps you’re already at the top of your game but you’ve hit a wall.

Or you can’t find your feet to get moving, even though you’re excited about your next project or venture.

Perhaps you see yourself as a future leader and a game changer and you know it’s going to take hard work to get there.

It’s my mission to help people realise they can surpass what they even thought was possible. To unleash full potential and thrive.

But I am not about setting you up for a life of burnout. Or of being tenacious in your drive to achieve, only to achieve it without having enjoyed it. Or of being relentlessly busy, without having paid attention to the areas of growth that could have catapulted you into peak success.

These are not the habits of the successful. This is where exceptional performance that is sustainable comes in.

EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE and SUSTAINABILITY are not mutually exclusive terms.

When we are talking about sustainability, we do not have to compromise quality or a hard work ethic.

I’ve conducted Masters level research into forms of perfectionism*. Here’s a helpful breakdown: Research shows that there are distinct forms of helpful and unhelpful perfectionism.

When you are working from unsustainable perfectionism, you will more likely experience : getting caught in frequent concern about the quality of your work, frequent doubt about your actions and what steps you should take, and concern about other people’s evaluations of your your performance. This is not rich soil from which to grow your success.

On the other hand, we are looking to find your excellent and adaptive performance, where you can hold high standards and precision and catalyse exceptional work without getting snowballed.

So how do we get to the top of your game, and stay there?

I’ve focused on identifying the three principles that weave together sustainable, high success habits, while holding equilibrium in life. If you’re interested in finding out how this looks for you, please get in contact.

*(Sidebar. I was also studying family patterns of communication – and hey, did you know, families that tend to encourage open conversation and discourse in opinions provide a buffer for unhelpful perfectionism? Does this suggest that healthy striving, flow and goal pursuit abound when we are in environments that encourage exploration and trusting our own opinion, where we learn to tolerate differences in the ideals of others while creating quality in our work ? … another conversation for another time…).

Strategy Consult

If you’ve ever wanted to talk to a performance and mindset coach, free of charge, now is your chance.
With my Strategy Consult, you’ll have the chance to hear my best strategies for creating excellent and sustainable performance while reclaiming calm.
We’ll clarify exactly what you want to achieve, and explore a proven plan to help you achieve what you most value, and to thrive more, think creatively and achieve greater.

Now, because I personally hold these calls, spaces are limited, so if you’d like to apply for a session while spots are still available, be sure to schedule now.

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