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A unique blend of clinical psychology training, corporate wellbeing expertise,
and high performance coaching.

Team Training, Keynote Speaking, Sponsored Coaching

Susannah is dedicated to cultivating compassionate workplaces where individuals can thrive and reach their full potential. With a special interest in psychological flexibility, the science of flow and compassion-based success, Susannah delivers results-driven strategies to bring the best out of people: in their performance, and for their lives. 

SOLUTION. Signature Keynote sessions weave psychological research and high performance strategies to deliver powerful takeaways for your participants.

SOLUTION. Team workshops focus on wellbeing to create a brighter, healthier organisation with skills, a lively dynamic and a change of pace. Susannah facilitates training for groups, at scale through your organisation, so that everyone can move through their day with more confidence.

SOLUTION. Sponsoring a one-to-one coaching program helps to challenge individuals to reflect, develop new skills and habits for lifelong work satisfaction, and overcome pain points so that they can get to the next level in their trajectory.

Your company thrives
when your people do.

I am passionate about changing the game of high performance.

Imagine if all leaders, high performers and big thinkers were to navigate turbulent times from a place of presence, with flexibility and emotional mastery, and could motivate their biggest actions without threat and self criticism. We cannot talk about high performance without looking at the mental and emotional tools that supercharge performance and help people thrive.
Through a range of exercises proven in psychological research and methodology, this speaking event will guide participants towards the three principles that shape how we can truly thrive not just now, but with lifelong skills.

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1. To stay in contact with the present.

Laser like clarity and flexibility so that you can master challenges with grit.

2. In charge of what comes your way.

So that you can proof yourself against your own hurdles, and spend more time being present with what matters to you.

3. And with compassion supercharging your drive.

Radically shifting the tools you use to motivate yourself. 

Team Training and Workshops

Team Mentorship The most popular team offering. One full-day (or two half-days) of training to a small team with a focus on psychological flexibility, and THREE hours of individual ongoing coaching for up to 3 managers or team members.

Mindfulness at Work Team Series.

This program supports you to develop awareness and implement attention training through established practice over 6 weeks in 30-minute sessions, rather than once done and forgotten. Each week builds on themes to increase contact with the present moment in an easy-to-digest mini mindfulness series without the jargon.

This series is designed to build the groundbreaking habit of self awareness, learn the tools that set the stage for high performance, and to loosen the team up together.

Optional 12 month package: Add quarterly live half hour mindfulness masterclass sessions.

Optimal Self Series.

Transformational strategies are delivered across six 45-minute sessions to build resilient, flourishing individuals. This is an engaging and great mix of ideas. Each session explores the science and techniques behind:

  • Relaxation and habits for optimal performance
  • Cognitive structuring and building purposeful mindsets
  • Healthy teams: Character & communication
  • Grit and building self compassion
  • Productivity and Focus
  • Managing emotions
You come away with evidence-based tools to show up as your best self, and work better with less stress. The ingredients for a high performing team.

Key Outcomes



Coaching is no longer just for the C-Suite. If you’re a game-changing organisation, you know that self development from the ground up has groundbreaking results in ROI in employee satisfaction, retention, and performance, let alone the human individual impact of improved wellbeing.

The KINDRED Thriving Intensive is grounded in tools to change cognitive mindset, challenge negative behaviours that undermine our values and goals, and improving psychological flexibility to make sure work is never part of the “daily grind”. My goal is to bring about lasting business transformation with a focus on individual growth.

Susannah is an accredited GLWS practitioner, the world-leading measure in leadership wellbeing to expedite insight and conversation to help individuals and teams reach their full potential. Corporate-sponsored coaching packages will include a confidential Personal Wellbeing Report along with a full 90 minute debrief where we identify key detractors and behaviours to improve wellbeing and performance (Value $895). In a recent evaluation, 90% of respondents to the GLWS have said they would recommend the GLWS debrief to others.

Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Not only does it have a positive impact on employees, but the organisation as a whole.



> 250%  ROI for companies who invest in developing soft skills such as agility and resilience (International Growth Centre, 2016).

> 250% ROI for companies who invest in employee well-being (CoachHub, 2020).

> Company-provided coaching results in 65% lower employee turnover (Workplace Wellness Trends, 2017) and 21% higher productivity (Accenture, 2019).

> 38% more engaged employees when they feel their organisation cares for their wellbeing (Quantum Workplace, 2016)

I help socially minded organisations bring renewed energy and passion into their workplace so that employees can start the day with mentally healthy skills that change their life and make high performance sustainable.

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