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Meet Susannah

susannah is a PERFORMANCE and MINDSET Coach and registered psychologist Who facilitates high performing individuals to grow, lead and thrive.

Susannah has always been curious and passionate about “the invisible” – the relationship we have with our minds, what makes us tick, why we can cope on some days with major challenges but struggle to rise when it’s something seemingly small. Her expertise in performance coaching is underpinned by an impressive career in clinical psychology, where she met individuals across most every season and stage of life. For her Honours thesis, she took participants inside a flight simulator and explored performance outcomes, cognitive impacts and physiological changes. Her Masters research explored helpful and unhelpful forms of perfectionism against patterns of family communication.

Susannah’s focus is on training the brain to achieve optimal performance, with a focus on holistic approach to human performance and wellbeing. Using the latest insights across ACT, flow, compassion-based success and cognitive psychology,  Susannah empowers clients to become the best version of themselves. She helps people make the incremental shifts to become more resilient, regulated, and empowered action-takers. Some major life principles that inform her work and life come in 3s! Courage, compassion, curiosity and purpose, passion and play. 

Over the last fifteen years Susannah has invested into identifying and understanding the patterns of behaviour and mindsets that help you become your optimal self. Susannah’s coaching facilitates high performers and high achievers to foster psychological flexibility, enhance emotional mastery and compassion, and develop purposeful mindsets.

Using the latest insights across ACT, flow, compassion-based success and cognitive psychology, Susannah empowers clients to become the best version of themselves.

What I've found along the way

In my psychological training, I learnt about the drivers behind social dynamics, the science of restructuring mindsets, the power of changed behaviour, and the impact of our personal and collective history. I conducted Honours research into our performance inside a flight simulator, and Masters research into patterns of family communication and perfectionism.  What I found along the way was this: everybody benefits from these tools. Patterns on unhelpful behaviour can be changed. Our self critical mindsets are never are good ingredient for success. When we increase our awareness and flexibility, we can be connected yet in charge of our sometimes chaotic experience as humans.

 So much of our stress, how we are functioning, where we feel satisfied, and where we want to grow, centres around our working hours. What kind of potential could we surpass if we could transform the way we work?

So, this is where I serve. I know this is something I want to share with you because these principles are critical in unleashing our full potential, working exceptionally and sustainably, and experiencing our optimal self.


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