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ACTIONS, BELIEFS AND EMOTIONS IMPACT HIGH PERFORMANCE GOALS or sustainability roadblocks for high performers or title: High Performance Pressures

High Performance Pressures

situations, beliefs, emotions and actions impact your goals

a busy mind

Complex and high paced effort is the norm for you and you’re driven to get it all done. You navigate multiple deadlines, relationships, tasks and you tend to be relied upon for the win. You’re switched on, in doing mode, with busy hands and a busy mind. 

under pressure

High expectations and high standards come with pressure, whether that’s internal or external. Sometimes it drives you onward, but it’s easy to run on empty as you face the next challenge. You want to keep maintaining growth rather than hitting a plateau.

not enough-itis

multiple responsibilities

You hold high standards and can always see what needs to be improved. You want to ‘show up’ in all areas  – You may be mastering one area of life while other parts are crumbling.

I coach ambitious, values-driven individuals
and socially minded businesses
to master challenges with grit, navigate ambiguity confidently, create success sustainably, and ultimately thrive everyday.

Develop the unique mindset and emotion tools to untangle barriers to high performance, excel in your craft or career, and lead the life that matters to you.

Individuals and businesses

thrive more,
think creatively,
achieve greater



I'm Susannah Kindred. Performance and Mindset Coach, Leadership Practitioner, Keynote Speaker, and Master of Clinical Psychology.

The secret weapon to giving your best.

Your beliefs, your emotions and how you motivate action are at the centre of giving your best, and in your growth as a centred and purposeful human beings The art to thriving more while achieving greatly is found when you don’t leave the mind up to chance. 

Whether you’re bringing your best on the field, in the boardroom, or while juggling 10 roles, my mission is to help you surpass your potential by transforming not
what you do but how you do it. I have worked alongside athletes, artists and media personalities, female entrepreneurs, full time parents, and values-led corporate leaders to train their mental and emotional skills, to build the muscle of awareness, and to take bold action from a place of purpose and a grounded sense of self. What do these groups of high performing people have in common? You are all human, striving to do your very best, amongst the pressures you face.

Performance is a holistic arena, and we can use the same principles to improve in our career or craft as we do to connect to a life that is rich, full and meaningful. My approach is grounded in evidence-based practice across performance psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and acceptance and mindfulness training.

Overwhelm, uncertainty and stress exists behind even the highest levels of achievement. It’s my honour to help you discover transformational change so that you can operate at your best.

Don't Just Reach The Top Of Your Game.
Know The Habits To Stay There.

Signature coaching intensive

The KINDRED Thriving Intensive is my private coaching program designed to help big thinkers, successful women and young executives & leaders overcome uncertainty and distractions, optimise themselves, and dive into a smarter way of living and working. It is grounded in evidence based research using psychological flexibility, tools to master mindset and emotions, and developing the self.

Across three principles, I personally guide you to bring exceptional sustainable performance and reclaim calm. So that you feel more calm, clear, confident and centred as you succeed.

To learn all the details about the program and apply, click the button below.

Think, Feel, and Perform Your Best in Just 3 Steps

I work alongside people who are motivated to show up with their best: to develop the unique tools and attributes required to excel and lead life with more freedom and ease.

build awareness, develop a purposeful mindset, and tap into bold action.

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